21:33 Oct 2 2012

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North Crosswalk Prospect Park West and Prospect Ave

My project idea is...

repair potholes in street South Slope/ Windsor Terrace

So that people could... 

not trip and fall while crossing the street


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Build a nonprofit early childhood education center with a focus on global awareness and sustainability.

6:48pm Oct 15, 2012

corner of Windsor Place and Prospect Park West in the nearly vacant building owned by Holy Name Church, 0.08 Kms

Provide seed money for a Windsor Terrace grocery store, green grocer, or food co-op.

6:59pm Oct 11, 2012

Anywhere in Windsor Terrace, 0.17 Kms

Spruce up the garden at Bartel Pritchard Square(circle)

7:39am Oct 03, 2012

15th Street and PPSW and PPW, 0.18 Kms

Clean up Bartel Pritchard Square the 15th street entrance to prospect park.

2:05pm Oct 02, 2012

the circle at 15th street and prospect park west, 0.19 Kms