16:45 Oct 4 2012

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Mostly commercial streets like 5th avenue between Prospect Ave and Flatbush but I think just about any block in the neighborhood could benefit from this.

My project idea is...

Place 30 minute parking spots on blocks with lots of commercial activity. Spots could be monitored by kiosks with cameras that photo license plates and mail tickets to those who use the space longer

So that people could... 

As a cyclist living in Park Slope, I can't ride down 5th avenue without swerving around a parked car in the bike lane and into traffic. As biking is a contentious issue, 30 minute parking spaces would hopefully discourage people from parking in the bike lane which would alleviate the stress and danger for both motorists and cyclists. Also, hopefully with people using actual parking spaces instead of double parking all the time, streets would be clearer and motorists would not constantly have to slow down to squeeze past double parked cars or lay on their horn until someone came to move the offending vehicle.


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I would make the sidewalks safer, particularly on the side streets. There are places with literal holes in them, perfect for catching a foot and spraining or breaking a limb, as well as uneven slate.

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