13:17 Oct 5 2012

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Carroll St. between Denton Pl. and Whitwell Pl.

My project idea is...

PS372 The Children's School has acquired some new spaces at our site, but we need funds to turn one room into a dance and music studio, and to renovate a defunct bathroom to make it usable.

So that people could... 

Right now, students have to go down 2 flights of stairs to get to a bathroom, and some are soiling their pants because they try to “hold it” or don’t get to the bathroom in time. The bathroom we would like to renovate has multiple stalls for girls and boys but right now when the toilets are flushed they flood the floor below. The new dance and music studio space has a concrete floor that is not safe to dance on. The tile walls, and proximity to the school's gym, make it hard for students to hear instruction, and nearly impossible for them to hear themselves when they play instruments.

The Children’s School is an unzoned, full “inclusion” lottery school serving general and special education students from all over District 15, including many from Sunset Park, Red Hook and Gowanus. We deeply need these changes for our school to be functional for our students.



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