11:08 Oct 9 2012

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Church Avenue from Ocean Parkway to McDonald Avenue--several businesses have recently closed and there are many vacant and available properties for rent

My project idea is...

paying for improvements to empty storefronts on Church Avenue-making capital expenditures to improve spaces to allow small business owners to explore new ventures in an emerging part of Kensington

So that people could... 

Open businesses that create income opportunities to small business owners while allowing local residents access to new businesses, ultimately helping to revitalize Church Avenue. This is a heavily residential area that is high on people, low on useful, attainable and desirable amenities. A new restaurant, children's store, book store, coffee shop, arts/creative space, furniture store--for small business owners where the barrier to entry into the marketplace is start-up capital fit-out costs, this could be a game changer. And for local residents, this would result in a cleaner, cared for and ultimately safer Church Ave, proximate to several neighborhoods and a major thoroughfare for those leaving the Ft. Hamilton subway station.



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