18:54 Oct 11 2012

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Ocean Parkway and Caton Place going to the park

My project idea is...

I would like to see historic lamp posts replace those ugly, functional street lamps on Ocean Parkway. I would like to see some nice tree guards around the trees.Merrie

So that people could... 

The people would see the beauty of the original pre war buildings and the lamps would enhance them


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to paint bike-lane markings on existing (unmarked) Brooklyn-Queens Greenway route connecting Park Circle to marked lanes at Ocean Parkway and Church Ave.

8:55am Oct 12, 2012

From corner of Park Circle and Ocean Parkway (east section) to corner of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway (west section)., 0.06 Kms

Repair sewer lines for the streets around PS-IS 437K, under construction, before it opens.

4:17pm Oct 15, 2012

Kermit Place between East 7 and East 8 Streets, 0.08 Kms

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5:17pm Oct 11, 2012

the corner of Sherman Street and Ocean Parkway, 0.16 Kms

Install a left turn signal on Caton Ave and the eastern side of the Ocean Parkway Service Road.

1:39pm Oct 01, 2012

Corner of Ocean Pkwy and Caton Ave, 0.18 Kms