21:06 Oct 11 2012

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Church Ave btw McDonald & Ocean Pkwy

My project idea is...

Fund the "Trash Mob" trying to clean up the triangle in front of Walgreens at Church & EXTEND this to the rest of Church Ave btw McDonald & Ocean Pkwy. This stretch is basically an open dumpster.

So that people could... 

Church Ave for many blocks is trash-strewn every single day. There seem to be garbage cans - but perhaps there should be more and perhaps they need more frequent emptying. As another project noted there are many empty storefronts now so business owners are not all there to sweep their areas (although before many closed the street was just as trash strewn). In order to get more businesses to open I believe the street must look more desirable than it is currently. And new businesses or no new businesses, residents should not have to step over piles of trash every day.



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