09:47 Oct 12 2012

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From corner of Park Circle and Ocean Parkway (east section) to corner of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway (west section).

My project idea is...

to paint bike-lane markings on existing (unmarked) Brooklyn-Queens Greenway route connecting Park Circle to marked lanes at Ocean Parkway and Church Ave.

So that people could... 

clearly navigate this complicated route currently shared by bicycles, cars, pedestrians, and horses from Kensington Stables.


Joseph Herzfeld (Oct 12 2012)
Yes; this is much needed. Pedestrians are unaware that the sidewalk here is intended to be shared with cyclists. Cyclists also don't know there's a safe path, and instead use the dangerous narrow roadway. In addition to pavement markings, there's need of clear signage; right now there's nothing but a couple of those unclear green cd-sized plaques that few know the meaning of. DOT makes easily understandable signs that read "shared path" and show symbols of a bike and a pedestrian; a bunch of those would help.
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