12:03 Oct 13 2012

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BCS and BNS (MS 142 building) 610 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

My project idea is...

Use roof spaces at the 610 Henry Street Campus for Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS) and Brooklyn New School (BNS) for a green roof eco-classroom (upper roof) and a gym (lower roof).

So that people could... 

Currently the 2 schools, Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (grades 6012) and Brooklyn New School (grades pre-k-5) don't have enough gym space to meet PE mandates and HS graduation requirements for 1400 students, aged 4 -18. Putting a gym on the lower roof would more than double the gym space within the current footprint of the building. A second gym would also be a community resources because our gym are also used by a variety of local leagues, whenever the schools are not using it.

The upper green roof and eco-classroom would provide a teaching resource for both schools and the community. It would include a weather station for the BCS Climate Change course, stations for plant and drainage experiments, and a space for student and local adult artists to draw and paint our urban landscape. The roof classroom could be a space for community events and celebrations - both for the school and other groups.


Anthony Van Dunk (Oct 15 2012)
I think this is a great idea that will benefit many kids and can effect the minds for generations to come
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