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Fixing the perennial flooding problem on 11th Avenue between Sherman Street and Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace. This issue has been raised many times with our elected officials. 0

5:19pm Oct 04, 2012

Where? 11th Avenue between Sherman St. & Prospect Ave., Windsor Terrace

Clean up Bartel Pritchard Square the 15th street entrance to prospect park. 0

2:58pm Oct 02, 2012

Where? the circle at 15th street and prospect park west

to change the way of cleaning the streets. The street sweepers are not efficient and spread the dirt on the sidewalks and pedestrians. 0

11:48am Oct 02, 2012

Where? all NY

Maintenance of what we have in Park Slope: side walks and trees. 0

12:48pm Sep 29, 2012

Where? Park Slope South

Need more trees (and less traffic) on Bond Street. Area between Smith Street and Park Slope is a concrete wasteland. Lack of trees seems to encourage speeding on Bond Street 0

11:15am Sep 25, 2012

Where? Everywhere in Brooklyn, but especially around Bond Street

Create a man-made wetland with raised wooden walkway on a parcel adjacent to the Gowanus Canal 1

11:00am Sep 25, 2012

Where? Parcel or parcels of land adjacent to the Gowanus Canal