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A dog park at an un-utilized section of Greenwood Playground. It's shady but needs adequate fencing, benches for owners, natural wood from recycled pruning, and doggie pools. Name it for Sean Casey. 0

4:20pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? East 5th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway

My idea is to "winterize" the many hard ball courts in our district, and turn them into squash/racquetball courts. 0

4:13pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Washington Park / JJ Byrne Playground (8 hard ball courts)

Provide garbage recepticals, not plastic bags, for containing food debris outside the public schools so that garbage is not strewn throughout our streets which provide meals for vermin everyday. 0

1:21pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Corner of East 5th street and Fort Hamilton Parkway (outside of P.S. 130)

Need more trees (and less traffic) on Bond Street. Area between Smith Street and Park Slope is a concrete wasteland. Lack of trees seems to encourage speeding on Bond Street 0

11:15am Sep 25, 2012

Where? Everywhere in Brooklyn, but especially around Bond Street

to rid carroll park of the war memorial and create a dynamic play area for children in its place. 1

11:00am Sep 25, 2012

Where? smack dab in the middle of carroll park, off carroll and smith street.

Create a man-made wetland with raised wooden walkway on a parcel adjacent to the Gowanus Canal 1

11:00am Sep 25, 2012

Where? Parcel or parcels of land adjacent to the Gowanus Canal

MARKED PARKING SPACES on residential streets. 1

10:55am Sep 25, 2012

Where? PARK SLOPE and surrounding neighborhoods

Create a permanent space for exhibiting sculpture and installation art in the park 0

10:55am Sep 25, 2012

Where? around the Old Stone House and wonderfully renovated 3rd Street playground.



Install screens that tell you when the B11 is coming 0

10:29am Sep 25, 2012

Where? Corner of 10th Avenue and 50th Street



Air conditioning (and rewiring) for the upper floors at PS 134 0

10:01am Sep 25, 2012

Where? 4001 18th Ave.

New computers for PS 29 0

4:31pm Sep 24, 2012

Where? Henry St & Kane St

Traffic islands on wide streets 0

4:21pm Sep 24, 2012

Where? Coney Island Avenue & Cortelyou Road, by JS 62

Ambulance for Maimonides Hospital 0

4:15pm Sep 24, 2012

Where? 10th Avenue and 48th Street

More street lights along union street through Gowanus 0

4:13pm Sep 24, 2012

Where? Union Street, from 4th Avenue to Hoyt St

Planters, trees, and other beautification along 4th Avenue 0

3:58pm Sep 24, 2012

Where? 4th Avenue

Create a monument in Dome Park 0

1:40am Nov 03, 2011

Where? Dahill Road and 38 St., brooklyn



Put a sign in the bus shelter that says when the next B63 is coming! 0

9:45pm Nov 02, 2011

Where? 5th Ave & 9th Street