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Improve drainage on Third Street Bridge. During rain storms (and for days after) large puddles form by the sidewalks. 0

6:53pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Third Street Bridge, SE Side

Renovate and upgrade the school library for all the high schools at the JOHN JAY CAMPUS 0

6:49pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? 7th Avenue and 5th Street

To renovate and transform a tired caged-in parking lot into a useable green athletic space for students at Brooklyn Prospect, a grades 6-12 public school. 0

6:49pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Caton Avenue between 2nd and 3rd streets.

Renovate classroom space at Brooklyn Prospect Charter School to build-in a chemistry lab in its new public High School that opened in September 2012. 0

6:25pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? 3002 Fort Hamilton Parkway, 11218



To renovate and transform a tired caged-in parking lot into a useable green athletic space for students at Brooklyn Prospect, a grades 6-12 school. 0

6:13pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? The block on Caton Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets



Improve the sound system in the auditorium at MS447/BHSA 0

5:53pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? 345 Dean Street

Repair sewer lines for the streets around PS-IS 437K, under construction, before it opens. 0

5:06pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Kermit Place between East 7 and East 8 Streets



To renovate and improve the science lab at PS 154 and acquire science and math curriculum software for the school. 0

2:50pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? PS 154

An educational Jewish Youth Library/Literacy Center for our children. Currently, the Jewish Youth Library is completely dilapidated and most of the reading material is outdated. 0

12:38pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? 60th street and 16th Ave

Infrastructure improvements to PS 154 cafeteria, including the acquisition of dish washing equipment, trays, plates, racks and lunch tables. 0

12:24pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? PS 154



to coat as many roofs as possible in District 39 with a highly reflective heat reducing coating. This would not only save energy costs but also reduce the "Urban Heat Island Effect". 0

12:07pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Districtwide



To renovate the cafeteria and bathrooms at PS 154 0

12:01pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? PS 154, 1625 11th Avenue

Community wireless with a focus on low income parts of the district and public spaces without access. 0

11:49am Oct 15, 2012

Where? TBD - targeting low income communities, public spaces, affordable/public housing

Renovate all bathrooms. The children cant even get the toilet paper rolls because they're the old fashined ones. Their Playground can use renovations as well. Tables and benches are falling apart. 0

11:30pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? PS 38 (The Pacific School) Pacific St. between 3rd ave and Nevins

I would like to see more opportunity for outside time and running around for PS 295 children. The blacktop area or next to it could be added to and help children get exercise. 0

9:40pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? PS 295 at 18th Street & 6th Ave.

Improving the sidewalks on 5th Ave b 9th St & Prospect Ave. This strip of 5th Ave is the worst looking in all of Park Slope however it great potential and needs TLC. 0

9:36pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 5th Ave between 9th and Prospect Ave.



We need to re-instate the B71 bus to serve the people of our borough and once again bridge Carroll Gardens & Park Slope. We must move forward to the future, not turn the clock back by isolating people 0

2:40pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? Union St., from Red Hook into Park Slope and back

Use green building techniques to mitigate rainwater on 9th Street near Gowanus 0

2:09pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 9th Street between Gowanus Canal and 2nd Avenue.

Please put up a traffic light at 58th street corner 16th ave. 0

1:19pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 58th street, 16th ave

Improvement to park on E.5th St between Vanderbilt St and Greenwood Ave. It is never landscaped well. It can be better lit and park benches and picnic tables. 0

9:16pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? E.5th st btw Vanderbilt and Greenwood Ave.