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More storm drains for areas where water remains pooled for up to 4 days after a rain storm. 0

6:01pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? Corner of 16th St. + PPSW for one. There are others.

Creation of a comprehensive plan for development on the Gowanus Canal, including an environmental impact statement regarding the effects of development. 0

1:24pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? All of Gowanus

To erect a buffering wall or evergreen screen the length of Exit #5 Exit on the Prospect Expway along E. 5th St. to buffer the homes, park and church on Vanderbilt St and E. 5th from the Expressway. 0

1:16pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? Exit #5 on the Prospect Expressway along E. 5th Street between Vanderbilt Street and Greenwood Avenue.

Use roof spaces at the 610 Henry Street Campus for Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS) and Brooklyn New School (BNS) for a green roof eco-classroom (upper roof) and a gym (lower roof). 1

12:03pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? BCS and BNS (MS 142 building) 610 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

I would add speed-bumps to the most dangerous pedestrian intersections of PPW and the side streets (like 6th and 8th streets). 0

5:44pm Oct 12, 2012

Where? Corners of PPW and 6th and PPW and 8th streets

I would like to see a mural painted (or designed) by local public school children on the wall backing the public garden at Second Street and Smith Street across from the subway plaza. 0

2:09pm Oct 12, 2012

Where? Corner of 2nd Place and Smith Street.

Green garden roof on the John Jay Campus roof. 0

1:10pm Oct 12, 2012

Where? 7th Avenue between 4/5 streets - John Jay Campus

create two to three speed bumps along Reeve Place between Prospect Park SW and Prospect Avenue or at the very least have a stop sign or watch for children sign. 0

11:55am Oct 12, 2012

Where? Reeve Place between Prospect Park SW and Prospect Ave.

I would definitely put security cameras in our public schools the neighborhoods are to nice not to let your children be abled to play in our schoolyards with cameras maybe people would think twice. 0

11:34am Oct 12, 2012

Where? Ps 29 Henry st between Baltic and Kane

Install a rooftop garden at MS 51. 0

11:29am Oct 12, 2012

Where? 350 5th Ave. rooftop

Expand the bike route along Prospect Park West to Prospect Park West Southwest, to Park Circle. It would connect the route to Ocean Parkway, making a complete bike route to Coney Island. Thank you. 0

10:37am Oct 12, 2012

Where? PPW is narrow, perhaps the route could be marked on the sidewalk (as in Europe).



A library for MS 447 Math & Science Exploratory School. 0

10:27am Oct 12, 2012

Where? Corner of 3rd Ave & Dean St

to paint bike-lane markings on existing (unmarked) Brooklyn-Queens Greenway route connecting Park Circle to marked lanes at Ocean Parkway and Church Ave. 1

9:47am Oct 12, 2012

Where? From corner of Park Circle and Ocean Parkway (east section) to corner of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway (west section).

Bus shelters and benches like those in London. 0

9:34am Oct 12, 2012

Where? At all bus stops in the District.

Install park-type benches on all avenues and side streets. 1

9:17am Oct 12, 2012

Where? On streets along 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Avenues and in the sidestreets bordering them.

Provide traffic calming measures on Caton Avenue between Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue. There are a couple of road curves here and the cars and trucks travel at very high speeds. 0

8:51am Oct 12, 2012

Where? Caton Avenue, between Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue

more gay senior citizens center. access to funds for home owners fighting foreclosure for years. the agencies which have been funded are not prepared to handle complex cases. 0

2:50am Oct 12, 2012

Where? borough park.

Clean up Dog Beach. Many dogs get sick from swimming in the stagnant water. Would be great if it could be made larger as well. 0

11:38pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Dog beach in Prospect Park