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Improve the Union St. R subway stop by adding turnstiles and widening stairwells. 0

10:49pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Union St. and 4th Ave.

Increase funding to PS 32 and 261 because fundraising for capital projects is at a disadvantage at these two schools. 0

10:12pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? PS32 PS261

Move ALL signs away from trees/bushes or cut them back. Light up or speed pumps at STOP signs.Longer greenlights for pedestrians.No personal garbage in city cans!Close sidewalk fruit & veg stands. 0

9:57pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Pkwy & Ditmas Ave -- Gowanis @ 4th Ave (I think) -- 18th Ave bet Ocean Pkwy & McDonald Ave -- Ditmas Ave & E. 5th St & McDonald Ave

Build a truly safe bicycle path... 0

9:48pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? All of District 39

Build an elevator at the 9th St and 4th Avenue subway stop. 0

9:48pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Corner of 9th St and 4th Ave

unfortunately, all of the changes and improvements that need to be made seem to fall under the ineligible category. We need permanent park enforcement police in Prospect Park. 0

9:35pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Prospect Park

Skelzee or skully boards in the streetsand remove the bike lane from PPW- bikers can ride parallel in the park and decongest the now diminished beauty of PPW. 0

9:33pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Union to 15th street and 5th avenue to PPW; and PPW for the restored traffic lane for drivers!



Fund the "Trash Mob" trying to clean up the triangle in front of Walgreens at Church & EXTEND this to the rest of Church Ave btw McDonald & Ocean Pkwy. This stretch is basically an open dumpster. 0

9:06pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Church Ave btw McDonald & Ocean Pkwy

create several dog mini parks inside of prospect park 0

8:47pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? one on each side of the park

Install speed bumps on 10th st (a no truck zone), as trucks, busses speed dangerously down the street, avoiding 9th st traffic. 2nd ave between 12-9th sts have no traffic lights, crosswalks, stop sign 0

8:29pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Gowanus 13th sts-9th sts/2nd ave, especially 10th st btwn 2nd and 3rd

Provide seed money for a Windsor Terrace grocery store, green grocer, or food co-op. 0

7:53pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Anywhere in Windsor Terrace



Upgrade the G train so it matches the technology on the new track. Then, work on getting the MTA to vary their schedule so that some trains ran express from 7th Ave to Church Ave. 0

6:55pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? 7th Ave stop to Church Ave

I would like to see historic lamp posts replace those ugly, functional street lamps on Ocean Parkway. I would like to see some nice tree guards around the trees.Merrie 0

6:54pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Parkway and Caton Place going to the park



A campaign to teach people about proper recycling and garbage disposal. Boro Park has become very filthy in terms of sanitation. Walk around and observe the trash on 13th and 16th Avenues. 0

6:49pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Private homes on the side streets of 38th Street bet. Dahill Rd and 13th Ave.

Install a left turn lane/ signal at Ocean Parkway and Church for cars turning left onto the Prospect Expressway. 0

6:36pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Parkway & Church - Prospect Expressway.

Repair sidewalks damaged by city-planted trees in front of single and two-family owner occupied residential homes 0

6:33pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? The south side of Caton Avenue between East 8th St. and Coney Island Avenue opposite the public school construction site

Please dismantle the bike lane system... 0

6:32pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Along Prospect Park leading to the arch, which used to be majestic but is now more like a confused construction site.

Bolster the safety during school drop-off and pick-up for P.S. 10 1

6:24pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Intersection of Prospect Ave and 7th Ave.

Remove the metal recycle dump; clear up the intersection; provide footbridge and bikepath across to extend the Brooklyn waterfront developments to Gowanus and to the upcoming Smith&9th subway 0

6:02pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Corner of Smith and Garnet Street, 9th street, and extending to the Red Hook waterfront