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Renovate the space on 5th Ave. where the Associate Market and Open Source Gallery burned down a few years ago as a community space. 14

12:34pm Oct 01, 2012

Where? 5th Avenue between 17th and 18th St.

Renovation of school gym/cafeteria at PS 124. The current space is dark and aesthetically unappealing. Fresh paint, a mural, and some new lighting are good places to start. 0

10:44am Oct 01, 2012

Where? PS 124 4th ave between 13th and 14th st

I would like to make "No Through Traffic" on service roads on Ocean Pkwy. Vehicles speed past schools and senior centers. 0

12:32pm Sep 30, 2012

Where? Ocean Pkwy & 18th Ave (both S & N)

to renovate the gym and cafeteria at PS 124. The building is very run down. Children eat and play in a dark and lifeless space. 0

7:55am Sep 30, 2012

Where? 4th Avenue between 13th and 14th streets

A speed bump on 12th Avenue, just before the stoplight at Dahill Road, in Kensington. This is a school zone (PS 230). Yet drivers and bicyclists often speed down 12th Ave to turn onto Dahill. 0

10:17pm Sep 29, 2012

Where? On 12th Avenue, just before the stoplight at Dahill Road.

Maintenance of what we have in Park Slope: side walks and trees. 0

12:48pm Sep 29, 2012

Where? Park Slope South

Fix dangerous sidewalk at 3rd Street and 5th Avenue (in front of Stone Park Cafe) and giant pothole at 6th Avenue and 2nd Street (southeast corner) 0

8:46pm Sep 28, 2012

Where? 3rd Street / 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue / 2nd Street

Handicapped access to the subway at 7th Ave. and 9th Street. An escalator or elevator would do. 1

4:52pm Sep 28, 2012

Where? Corner of 7th Avenue and 9th Street- the F train stop.

to spruce up the Windsor Terrace Library exterior, by cleaning the sad, dirty brick-face and landscaping not just the flagpole circle, but the front entrance area. 0

2:50pm Sep 28, 2012

Where? Fort Hamilton Parkway and East 5th Street



Expand 'R' train southbound exit stairways. 0

11:55am Sep 28, 2012

Where? Northwest Corner, 9th St & 4th Ave

Resurfacing of Webster Place and Jackson Place between 16th Street and Prospect Avenue. DOT claims street not mapped thus will not resurface. 1

10:21pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? Jackson Place & Webster Place between 16th St & Prospect Ave

Fix the dangerous elements of the new playground at JJ Byrne Park. For example, smooth out the sharp, jagged, slippery rocks near the fountain and remove the ugly chipping paint from the toy animals. 0

9:12pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 4th/5th Avenues and 3rd/4th Streets

Turn Mr. Farrell's vacated office on 10th & Windsor Place into community center and daycare. 0

9:07pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th & Windsor place

I would make the sidewalks safer, particularly on the side streets. There are places with literal holes in them, perfect for catching a foot and spraining or breaking a limb, as well as uneven slate. 0

8:47pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? e.g. 7 St between 5 and 6 Ave., even-numbered side, about two-thirds down the block. I would be glad to join a team to map the worst spots in the Slope that are city responsibilities (private homes)

Improve stretch of sidewalk that runs along 10th st(sidewalk beautification and removal of garbage and debris, dog waste). It's a health hazard for residents on this block. 0

8:40pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th st bwn 2nd and 3rd ave

Beautify and landscape the strip of "grass" that runs along 10th st b/w 2nd and 3rd ave. Remove garbage and debris that is currently being dumped here, possibly install garbage bins 0

8:20pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th st between 2nd and 3rd ave