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More public bathrooms (even port-a-potties) in Prospect Park. 0

6:40pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? Near the north meadow/Grand Army Plaze especially, but all over the park would be nice.



Better Sanitation on 7th Avenue in Park Slope by rehiring the John Doe Foundation blue-uniformed workers who swept and bundled the trash. The entire street is an eyesore. and is filthy. 0

6:26pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? Reinstate the John Doe Foundation for street cleaning on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Remove the empty newspaper kiosks on 7th Avenue.

Handicapped access to the F train at 7th Ave. and 9th Street.An escalator or elevator would do it. 0

5:41pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? Corner of 9th Street and 7th Avenue.



escalators and/or an elevator at 7th Ave/8th Ave & 9th Street F train stop would be a great idea 1

4:13pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? F train stop @ 7ht Ave & 9th Street



to get more garbage cans in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood, especially on blocks closest to and in front of the park. The garbage is always full and overflowing. 0

10:56am Sep 27, 2012

Where? 15th Street and PPW to the Traffic Circle

Build an east/west bike lane on Prospect Park Southwest 0

10:23am Sep 27, 2012

Where? Prospect Park Southwest



Air conditioning and rewiring for top (4th) floor classrooms of P.S. 230 upper school. 0

9:16am Sep 27, 2012

Where? 1 Albemarle Road between McDonald Ave and Dahill Road

Renovations at the Thomas J. Cuite Park. The drinking fountains haven't been working for at least a few years, and the gates don't close. 0

8:43am Sep 27, 2012

Where? 19 St. bet. 11 Ave. and Seeley St.

Bartel Pritchard Square is a prominent but underused, pedestrian unfriendly, and under-appreciated public space. Better landscaping, seating,and good quality mobile cafes (local providers?) 0

8:41am Sep 27, 2012

Where? Bartel Pritchard Square

Renovate Albemarle Playground with some landscaping, sustainable surfacing and new equipment. Crowded playground on a truck route needs to be modernized and made more sustainable for its large crowds. 0

10:47am Sep 26, 2012

Where? MacDonald Avenue between Albemarle Rd and Caton Ave.

A dog run 0

9:04am Sep 26, 2012

Where? Near Greenwood playground or triangle near Church Ave

Placing a few speed bumps along Dahill Ave between Church Ave and Fort Hamilton Ave 1

8:59am Sep 26, 2012

Where? Along Dahill Ave between Church Ave and Fort Hamilton Ave

Opening up the walkway that runs underground from Albemarle to Church Avenue at the Church Ave F and G subway station in Kensington. Shouldn't be expensive, the gating there just needs to be moved. 0

10:58pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? F and G Church Avenue subway station entrance at McDonald Avenue and Albemarle Road.

1. safety barricades at crossing of CIA and Cortelyou Rd.2. senior park for seniors to sit around and enjoy life 0

8:37pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? 2. There's a lot on Cortelyou and E. 9th

A fountain in Carroll Park 0

8:09pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Carroll Park

Money for campaign to "remind" store owners who are not in compliance with ADA that they must do so or be fined. 0

8:02pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Church Ave. between Ocean Pkwy and McDonald Ave. (& beyond)

bring more businesses to Kensington shopping at Church Ave -- a Tal Bagel, Western meat market, hardware store, Trader Joe's, Key Food, etc., helping to renovate to suit tenant. 1

7:29pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Church Ave between 8th St and McDonald Ave.



Add solar trash compactors to garbage strewn sidewalks of Church Avenue in Kensington 0

4:30pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Between Coney Island Avenue and MacDonald Ave.

install benches along Church Avenue 0

4:27pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? All along Church Avenue (betw Coney Island Avenue to 39th Street (borough Park)