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Provide free WiFi throughout the whole district. 0

3:03pm Nov 21, 2011

Where? Entire district

Bike racks 0

11:05pm Nov 20, 2011

Where? W. 106 St. from CPW to Broadway

Support the renovation of Blake Hobbs park for maximum use by young people and seniors. 0

7:31pm Nov 19, 2011

Where? 104th and 103rd Streets and Second Avenue

Install vehicle protection granite barriers or cement planters on the south side of Frederick Douglass Park. Designer of Park and reps. of Central Park Conservancy should be included in decision. 0

9:06pm Nov 14, 2011

Where? South side of F Douglass Circle W. 110th Street and CPW



Create WIFI hot spots in Mott Haven. 0

4:33pm Nov 14, 2011

Where? All city-owned public buildings, Public library on Alexander Ave. & East 142nd St., St. Mary's Recreational Center

Place benches along Columbus Avenue between 97th and 100th Streets 1

2:13pm Nov 14, 2011

Where? Colmbus Ave. between 97th and 100th Streets