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Recreate the feel of the old San Antonio in the western part of downtown with wider sidewalks, reduced traffic lanes, branding of & old San Antonio & Corozon & .Bistros, cobblestone, flower mkts, etc 0

12:28am Jun 15, 2012

Where? Westside of downtown -Main Plaza to UTSA-Needs a lot more focal attention to place-making, safety, pedestrian friendly, signage, feel of "old San Antonio" in future design/developments

By San Antonio - Resident

3 lots on Arthur:710-small community center/optical clinic (probably above cost limit),714-Pavilion for outdoor community activities,722-raised bed garden with fruit trees, benches; covered seating. 1

6:14pm Jun 08, 2012

Where? West half of Arthur Street across from Wheatley Courts on the east side.

By Sandra Fechner

Take an empty lot or an existing building on the East Side to make a community space, emphasizing educational programs, music, art and gardening for at-risk youth and the elderly. 2

12:57pm Jun 08, 2012

Where? Downtown, Eastside Location, Hackberry, Dakota Area

By Kelsey Jack

A used book store or a used book swap location. 0

1:45pm Jun 06, 2012

Where? any of the abandoned buildings on S.W. Military- such as the closed Sonic Drive Inn Restaurant

By Leora Uribe

Create a weekly mobile market of not only food trucks but other vendors in carts and vacant storefronts to include produce, flowers, stationery, pet goods, art supplies, specialty groceries, etc. 0

6:41pm May 30, 2012

Where? Anywhere in Downtown

By Chris Lazaro

Weekly or seasonal food truck gathering at the parking lot on Medical Dr near Von Schelle Dr. The lot is not joined to any bldgs and is vacant. It was built for employees to use during construction. 0

4:25pm May 30, 2012

Where? Food Truck Lunch Spot in Medical Center

By Abbey Forney

1. A higher percentage of our city budget for arts funding.2. Full service grocery store that offers organic produce and whole, healthy food. A Central Mkt, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's ... 0

6:16pm Aug 11, 2011

Where? Southtown, all of downtown

Build the Alamo Beer Brewery 1

12:41pm Aug 03, 2011

Where? Corner of N. Cherry and Hays

By Sylvie Shurgot

Needs a supermarket with plenty of organic, healthy choices (such as a Central Market, HEB Market, Whole Foods, etc.) 1

5:25pm Aug 01, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By Heather Gayle Holdridge

Connect to Mrkt Sq=Houston St as pedestrian-only market with shops and cart vendors. Alamo Plaza pedestrian-only b/w Commerce and Houston. More paseos/programmed alleys. Improve cxns to riverwalk. 0

1:30pm Jul 31, 2011

Where? The Street Level. An afterthought to the Riverwalk, needs same attention for a successful dntwn. Nice historic bldgs and storefronts, inadequate landscape, activities, shade....

By nick

allow all kinds of food to be sold in carts downtown 1

7:11pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? lunch spots downtown

By Marc Toppel

is to increase accessibility and functionality as a living place - not just a destination place. We need easy and multi-modal public transportation and access to everyday, quality goods and services. 1

6:36pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

A grocery store. 0

10:31am Jul 26, 2011

Where? Downtown, South-Town, and King William

By Sam McGlone