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Narrow the streets and make them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Increase residential units/mixed use in the areas. 0

3:09pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? N Santa Rosa, E Martin, N Main, Soledad Streets

By malik sat

Convert Courts to dormitories for downton UTSA studends and place SAHA residents in single family homes throughout city so that poverty is not concentrated in one place 1

2:30pm Jul 06, 2011

Where? Alazan Apache Courts

By Rick Garcia

give more incentives to developers to build a high number of residential units in well designed buildings; buildings that make walking interesting. 0

12:17pm Jul 06, 2011

Where? All of DT

By Nehemiah Torres

Turn the empty buildings, warehouses, and other structures into more residential condos and lofts with more activity at the street level with retail etc. 0

5:19pm Jul 05, 2011

Where? Northwestern corridor of Downtown SA, North of Travis and West of Soledad and the Central Library

By Malik SAT

Add a residential space and grocery store to downtown San Antonio.This building's location is an eye sore and should be replaced with something new. 1

7:38pm Jun 28, 2011

Where? Corner of St.Marys and Martin

There needs to be more downtown living that is affordable for young adults/families. Additionally, an urban grocery store. SA needs to push for adaptive re-use of abandoned building 0

11:27am Jun 22, 2011

Where? All of downtown/inner city San Antonio

By Clayton Elkins

Supportive housing for persons with disabilities and seniors age 50+ and the homeless which could fall under a Housing first modeled after what is done in Washington DC area. 0

5:28pm Jun 20, 2011

Where? all downtown San Antonio

By Steve Warner

Don't approve anymore new hotels downtown until there is a significant jump in the amount of people that live downtown. 2

5:55pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? All of downtown

By Canedo

Redevelop 601 N. St. Mary's at Martin St. 1

3:43pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? 601 N. St. Mary's St

By City Planner