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I would like to see sky lites and turbo vents, put in all park restrooms, because they are low cost & improve life. 0

3:11pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? All S,A. parks

By Ryan Collins

DIRTY CORNERS that remind me of REAL Mexico where the walks never get cleaned. Especially disgusting are the dark chewing gum spots all over the walks. They unappealing for both tourists AND locals. 3

10:19am Jun 15, 2012

Where? all of downtown, but especially the sidewalks at bus stops in front of the Mercado. Even the sidewalks leading to Bohanans are filthy with gum spots and debris.

thru working with various local university design/engineering/architectural programs -to be on forefront with new challenging ideas with local private and public place making partners. 0

12:14am Jun 15, 2012

Where? All over downtown

By Gaia Green

Create and enforce building and lot maintenance codes for downtown, especially for ground level properties. 0

9:40am Jun 13, 2012

Where? All of downtown San Antonio

By Katie Lee

I think it would be excellent if someone would build portable water/snack stations around the hike and bike trails. In Austin, the Parks and Rec dept. puts out coolers of water for runners/cyclists. 0

3:25pm Jun 11, 2012

Where? The hike and bike trails around the new reaches of the San Antonio River... i.e. where Blue Star is that leads to the new paths around the river

There are quite a few bus stops without any shade. I have an idea to build inexpensive shade canopies that can easily be attached to benches or bus stop poles. 0

3:06pm Jun 10, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio - Bus Stops

By Meredith

Repair/replace sidewalks adjacent to La Villita, St. John's Church, numerous bed and breakfasts, south to Cesar Chavez Blvd (formerly Durango). 0

10:46am Sep 15, 2011

Where? La Villita - sidewalks along Presa St. from Commerce to Cesar Chavez

By NIna Nixon-Mendez

make it part of the code that all new and/or remodels should include solar power upgrades ( ie. solar panels, water heaters , etc.) 1

5:52pm Aug 15, 2011

Where? all new construction and/or remodels

By martin de la rosa

street cleaning and maintenance on downtown and surrounding city streets should be done mainly at night when there is less vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 1

5:17pm Jul 01, 2011

Where? all downtown streets and surrounding highways

By Malik SAT

Initiate a 'anti-panhandling' campaign throughout the downtown area! Bench mark cities that have taken an active approach to obliterating pan-handling from their downtown areas. 1

2:50pm Jun 29, 2011

Where? Downtown San Antonio

Fix the corners. There are metal stubs sticking up, no one with any ada issues can possibly push the walk button without being in traffic. The islands are not pedestrian friendly At All 0

3:01pm Jun 23, 2011

Where? corner of S St Mary's and S Alamo

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