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Establish art district character by building natural hardscaped island places with local artist installations, attracting citywide visitation &also support neighborhood celebrations & family events 1

12:29am Jun 18, 2012

Where? With its unique traffic islands, small urban scale, and walkability, kid friendly 1940’s Terrell Heights community bordering the McNay Museum can become a distinctive neighborhood city art district.

By Steve & Judith Temple (for the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association)

Bring back in modern form the historic Bat Roosts that I remember seeing in the Olmos Basin when I was a kid. Dr. Campbell's bat roosts could be restored in open spaces across SA. 3

12:26am Jun 18, 2012

Where? Olmos Basin Park, On Jackson Keller between McCullough and San Pedro, either adjacent the Farmers Market site or across Jackson Keller

By Randy hohlaus

To have local students, artists, designers, etc. submit their ideas to decorate (window display) the unused storefronts in downtown San Antonio. Every month new entries will be featured. 0

11:54pm Jun 17, 2012

Where? The vacant storefronts in downtown San Antonio

By Olivia Travieso

Our idea to improve this place is KITE FLYING. Kite flying is a sport, art, recreation, fun and social activity. It is for everyone; all ages, genders, cultures, social or economic layers of SATX. 0

1:12am Jun 17, 2012

Where? The idea can be applied at different locations of SATX. It especially enriches the Riverwalk Improvement Project. We choose East bank of BlueStar Arts Complex towards the mission trail as a starter.

By Ela & Ramin Poursani

Provide a two lane bicycle path along the existing railroad right of way from Loop 1604 near the I 10 Park and Ride lot into the downtown area. This is approximately 15 miles. 0

11:09pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? The railroad right of way from 1604 near the IH 10 park and ride to downtown.

By Michael Carter

TPR and other media join with SA Parks and Rec, American Red Cross,school districts donor corporations, volunteers to launch a WELL-PUBLICIZED, very low cost LEARN TO SWIM campaign. VALUE swimming! 0

6:22pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? South-West-East Side San Antonio

By Linda Wilson

I would like to see sky lites and turbo vents, put in all park restrooms, because they are low cost & improve life. 0

3:11pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? All S,A. parks

By Ryan Collins

Take over abandoned properties in these older neighborhoods, tear down the failing structures and create pocket parks! 0

10:20am Jun 16, 2012

Where? Willshire Terrace ... and other older neighborhoods.

I heard that there once were paddleboats on the river! Lets bring them back and do a similar rental system to the B-Cycle. If not the SA river then definitely San Pedro Creek ... but ideally both. 0

10:06am Jun 16, 2012

Where? Riverwalk/San Pedro Creek

By Rob Abodeely

Picnic tables and exercise equipment similar to chin up bars. Something equipment that is sturdy and not very expensive. 0

3:12pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? Any available unused space.

Liriope and monkey grass, once established, need little watering and withstand extreme cold and heat. Maybe a community planting day would work to start up a greening-up day. 0

11:59am Jun 15, 2012

Where? on all bare spots in downtown

We could have a HUGE SHADE TREE PLANTING effort sponsored by city council and administered by local master gardeners to beautify and cool. LA had a Million Tree project (not including palm trees). 1

11:50am Jun 15, 2012

Where? all streets in downtown and routes from airport to downtown, to begin with

Create a Frisbee Golf Area, Crushed granite jogging track, Small Dog Park, Playground 1

11:18am Jun 15, 2012

Where? Greenbelt at the end of Dreamland Oaks Subdivision

By Arnulfo Talamantes

have painting work days for citizens to spruce up shabby buildings and lots. I imagine clubs, troops (boy and girl scouts), just plain locals could rally around the effort in COOL WEATHER. 0

10:51am Jun 15, 2012

Where? all visible abandoned-looking lots on drive from airport to downtown and rooftops visible from the Tower of the Americas. I only take visitors to the tower AFTER dark because it is so unattractive.

is to begin a tree planting and pavers laying campaign for ALL unattractive corners in SA so that we could inspire a PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP for locals. We now have good ideas on trees that can survive. 0

10:35am Jun 15, 2012

Where? all street intersection islands like the island on the west side of San Pedro at Oblate. It is so stark, patched, unattractive for locals and tourists.

DIRTY CORNERS that remind me of REAL Mexico where the walks never get cleaned. Especially disgusting are the dark chewing gum spots all over the walks. They unappealing for both tourists AND locals. 3

10:19am Jun 15, 2012

Where? all of downtown, but especially the sidewalks at bus stops in front of the Mercado. Even the sidewalks leading to Bohanans are filthy with gum spots and debris.

Recreate the feel of the old San Antonio in the western part of downtown with wider sidewalks, reduced traffic lanes, branding of & old San Antonio & Corozon & .Bistros, cobblestone, flower mkts, etc 0

12:28am Jun 15, 2012

Where? Westside of downtown -Main Plaza to UTSA-Needs a lot more focal attention to place-making, safety, pedestrian friendly, signage, feel of "old San Antonio" in future design/developments

By San Antonio - Resident