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Build the Alamo Beer Brewery 1

12:41pm Aug 03, 2011

Where? Corner of N. Cherry and Hays

By Sylvie Shurgot

Open it for community activities. 0

6:24pm Aug 02, 2011

Where? Building in Lockwood Park

By Sylvie Shurgot

Needs a supermarket with plenty of organic, healthy choices (such as a Central Market, HEB Market, Whole Foods, etc.) 1

5:25pm Aug 01, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By Heather Gayle Holdridge

The site of the founding of San Antonio, San Pedro Creek is a diamond in the raw. I would like to see it naturalized and lightly developed as a nature/arts/historic corridor. 1

5:02pm Aug 01, 2011

Where? San Pedro Creek from San Pedro Park to the SA River

By Niki McDaniel

Connect to Mrkt Sq=Houston St as pedestrian-only market with shops and cart vendors. Alamo Plaza pedestrian-only b/w Commerce and Houston. More paseos/programmed alleys. Improve cxns to riverwalk. 0

1:30pm Jul 31, 2011

Where? The Street Level. An afterthought to the Riverwalk, needs same attention for a successful dntwn. Nice historic bldgs and storefronts, inadequate landscape, activities, shade....

By nick

allow all kinds of food to be sold in carts downtown 1

7:11pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? lunch spots downtown

By Marc Toppel

is to increase accessibility and functionality as a living place - not just a destination place. We need easy and multi-modal public transportation and access to everyday, quality goods and services. 1

6:36pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

Narrow the streets and make them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Increase residential units/mixed use in the areas. 0

3:09pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? N Santa Rosa, E Martin, N Main, Soledad Streets

By malik sat

A grocery store. 0

10:31am Jul 26, 2011

Where? Downtown, South-Town, and King William

By Sam McGlone

Downtown SA needs a affordable quality used bookstore 4

1:56pm Jul 21, 2011

Where? A "Dollar Bookstore" Anywhere Downtown San Antonio

By Rick Melendrez

Every crossing in the downtown area should be diagonal crossing for the pedestrians... 2

5:25pm Jul 19, 2011

Where? All of downtown

By michelle san miguel

Is to build a mass transite system above ground such as a monerail system 0

10:42pm Jul 15, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio


Allow personal watercraft on the river 1

7:23pm Jul 14, 2011

Where? SanAntonio river

Install an "iHeart San Antonio" kioske, an information booth. 0

9:17pm Jul 13, 2011

Where? The area in front of City Hall or Milam Park

By Ernest Hernandez