Submitted by: Jem Haney in King William7:27pm Jun 20 2011

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All of Downtown

My idea to improve this place

Make all of Downtown San Antonio a Wi-Fi hotspot. Ask the folks at Google; they can help. Call Diego Bernal at City Hall.

So that people could... 

Do business, surf the web and create in any green space or public place.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

alive!! (flickr photo by Jeremy Brooks)



KMB (Jun 20 2011)
LOVE THIS IDEA!!! It is time for us to get with the times!
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KMB (Jun 21 2011)
Rackspace may also be a interested in helping with this sort of initiative due to their vested interested in San Antonio.
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Malik SAT (Jul 6 2011)
Yes, great idea. Cities like Philadelphia have implemented free wi-fi in their downtown areas.
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