Submitted by: Mishelle Camacho 12:48am Jun 1 2012

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Woodstone, between I10 and Vance Jackson (possible others)

My idea to improve this place

There are long, ample medians with recent lighting added. We can reclaim these spaces for bike paths, playgrounds, half-courts exercise spots, and adding fences or natural barriers to the street.

So that people could... 

There are not many close, safe spots for kids to ride bikes, and exercising is limited to jogging on Woodstone and Vance Jackson. I feel more people from the various apartment complexes would be encouraged to meet in these spaces for leisure, exercise, play time, etc., thus promoting a stronger sense of community, and healthier options for activities right across the street!

Because I want San Antonio to be...

... a city where I can walk around in my neighborhood, let my kids ride their bikes in a safe zone, and not have to "drive somewhere to go exercise". A city that is not just built for cars, but for people too.



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