Submitted by: Michael Escalante 9:40am Jun 13 2012

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Highland Park Blvd. & Gevers St. & Steves Rd & Gevers St.

My idea to improve this place

Highland Park Blvd. should be streetscaped w/trees to provide shade for biking & running. The same for Steves Rd. and add a dedicated bike lane. To allow for easy biking access to the River.

So that people could... 

bike and run in shaded streets like in the Alamo Hts. area. People will be more willing to run & bike on hot day's when there is shade provided. I live in Highland Park but I run in the Alamo Hts., Olmos Park, & Terrel Hills for the shade canopy.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

more physically active like Austin!! I love our Tex-Mex cuisine too, but we have to work it off through excercise.


Rachel Cywinski (Jul 7 2012)
Michael: What a great idea! Several years Highland Park Neighborhood Association has applied for a received trees free during the annual City of San Antonio Tree Grant competition. If you would like one this year or know someone who wants to plant one in his/her own yard, Jack Elder is coordinating the application to the city for 2012. If HPNA does not win the grant this year, anyone in the neighborhood can dig up a Cersis canadensis or Ulmus crassifolia for free in my yard if they cannot afford to go to Fannick's Garden Center. Good idea! I wish we didn't have overhead power lines on so many of the other streets in Highland Park right where it makes it impossible for homeowners to grow a tree in a way that will shade the street.
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