Submitted by: Silvia McCollom 1:40pm Jun 13 2012

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Empty Parking Lot between Bonds Rock Bar and Korova on East site of Soledad between Martin and Convent

My idea to improve this place

Surrounded by art, music and literature (and on the blue trolley line!), turn this spot into a permanent Art Space. Giant walls provide natural canvases with architectural interest and view of River.

So that people could... 

Have rotating art work to match seasonal events at Library, nearby school of art, and music events at clubs or Riverwalk venues. Stage competitions for kids or art students to paint wall murals. See colors and art work that complemented vibrant colors of library, artpace, CityNap nearby. Learn about surrounding arts/music culture within surrounding blocks of parking lot. Have an aesthetically beautiful urban space that reflects its surroundings and offers educational/informative installations. Have a space to express themselves and see work of local artists, kids.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A center of arts. Proud of its downtown and conscious of how much each little corner impacts the whole. Be a visitor-friendly city that helps tourists, friends, workers learn where things are and where they are relative to River Walk and other attractions. (I have seen and spoken to people visiting Crowne Plaza who come out right in front of this parking lot and have no idea that they are ON the River Walk, near San Antonio Public Art office, near artpace, a few blocks from the Library, and in a music center of the city.



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