Submitted by: Rafa Baca 3:41pm Jun 16 2012

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"Madison Square Gardens" - urban garden at Madison Park

My idea to improve this place

SW-side of Madison Park: Under LQC, set irrigation, soil bed, & fenced enclosure within space defined by park’s walking track. Condo & apt residents already committed to provide the labor.

So that people could... 

congregate, exercise, grow local produce, recreate; create a positive environmental impact

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Regularly get to know and recreate with their neighbors; eat healthy; enjoy home grown produce while reducing carbon emissions; get fit; beautify downtown



Lisa Schmidt (Jun 22 2012)
A common Madison Square garden could provide a wonderful opportunity to futher enhance downton livability. If we want to see the city center blossom to meet its full potential as a vibrant urban community, it must offer attractive amenities/features for residents. A green space where adults & children alike can nurture vegetable and decorative plants is just the sort of unique amenity to make a great contribution to the mix.
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Ed Conroy (Jun 22 2012)
I think this is a great idea, and hope that it will find a lot of support among people who live and work in this neighborhood, as I do. I would respectfully add that it would be desirable for the garden to be maintained organically, ie without pesticides, and to be established with the help of the Master Gardeners, some of whom also live in the area. I think it would be great to also have a separate children's garden where they can be instructed by Master Gardeners. There are lots of examples of how community gardens work in other cities, and these should be consulted and the best practices followed here.
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Melissa Burnett (Jun 25 2012)
This garden would be wonderful for the downtown neighborhood and has huge potential to be the catalyst for other urban gardens in the center city. It would definitely provide an opportunity for a community space that would enrich the neighborhood for years to come and give children a life-long project that would engage them in community service.
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Marina Bogrand (Jun 26 2012)
We think this is a great idea and are in full support of this. endeavor El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel
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Belinda Hernandez (Jun 26 2012)
I think it would be a great idea to have a garden. It would be a great teaching idea for those of us who have kids..the value of growing your own foood, to be healther and to learn how to take care of something living.
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Andres Hernandez (Jun 27 2012)
Great idea...Not looking forward to the labor...LOL... Nothing like having fresh TEXAS grown vegetables and fruits. Two thumbs up on your idea.
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Alejandra Gomez (Jun 30 2012)
As an initial step to revitalizing Madison Park this idea makes a lot of sense. Once it's created it will be self-sustaining and not like the food idea which will require staffing & catering and patrolling expenses at evening hours when everyone is there which should best work best in the longer term well together!! Lets DO IT!
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Meredith (Jul 3 2012)
Please contact Green Spaces Alliance. They have worked with local groups to establish gardens in public spaces and have funding!
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