Submitted by: Oscar Parra 4:03pm Jun 17 2012

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Madison Square Park-Downtown SA.We should make the most of our parks.If we attract more people to come, this place will be clean and safer. MSP location is privileged and has potential .

My idea to improve this place

To build a food kiosk run by the city generating jobs and revenue for the park maintenance and improvements. Food kiosk will accommodate 5 dif. vendors under same roof, instead of scattered carts .

So that people could... 

Enjoy a meal under the shade of trees,specially those who have relatives in the nearby hospital to relieve the stress.Also, people who work/live there don't have many food options within walking distance

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A place that, not only takes care of public spaces, but also makes them self-funded and job opportunity creators



Gabriela Rodriguez (Jun 18 2012)
I love this idea of having something aesthetic and functional in the park rather than just the first, it also seems fairly inexpensive and easy to run. I think it would be a great success in that location where people can walk to the food stand enjoy a refreshment, relax and interact with others.
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Catherine Alvarado (Jun 18 2012)
This plaza in particular would greatly benefit from an idea like this one!
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Kyle Lewis (Jun 18 2012)
Sounds very family-friendly! I think San Antonio could use more spaces like this
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Plastic Machine (Jun 21 2012)
Great idea!
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Tim Baisdon (Jun 21 2012)
Nice idea and good compliment to residential, hospital, church and medical office building neighbors. The dog park in the adjacent block of the park has been a huge success and I think there could be a real synergy between those users and this venue in the early evenings at the height of activity.
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Chris S. (Jun 21 2012)
A superb idea for this part of downtown!
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Tom Sokol (Jun 22, 2012) (Jun 22 2012)
An elegant design with good communication with the street. Thought was given to ease of maintenance and to openness as a security feature.
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Jorge Flores, AIA (Jul 2 2012)
Food kiosks like this are part of all important plazas around the world. It is all the time appreciated that you have a place to buy something to drink and eat. Great idea.
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Rafa Baca (Jul 13 2012)
I invite AIA at the Pearl to parter up with my idea of the MADISON SQ GARDENS as there is a lot of interest from private, public and nonprofit funding sources to revamp Madison Park with all ideas presented on my present TPR entry writeup. AN AIA RENDERING OF ALL THESE IDEAS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. A non-profit group to facilitate a "NEW" MADISON PK will be utilized.
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