Submitted by: Olivia Travieso 11:54pm Jun 17 2012

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The vacant storefronts in downtown San Antonio

My idea to improve this place

To have local students, artists, designers, etc. submit their ideas to decorate (window display) the unused storefronts in downtown San Antonio. Every month new entries will be featured.

So that people could... 

Showcase local creativity and increase interest in the prime real estate located downtown, incentivizing business owners and entrepreneurs to choose downtown as their location of choice. We can engage schools/school districts, universities, summer camps and artist communities for participation. We can even give each month a theme that the artists/designers have to work around, such as “why they love San Antonio” or positive, healthy messaging, or other positive messaging that we would want to reinforce with the community. The possibilities are limitless with a project like this, aimed at reinvigorating prime spaces in downtown that are currently underutilized.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a city with a thriving downtown. Currently there are many vacant, unused or underused storefronts in downtown San Antonio that were once bustling and lively with business. But now they are dark, empty and sad-looking to passers-by. There is no incentive for people to go by them, unless it is to quickly get through on their way to another place. My idea would remind people of the beauty of downtown, the great real estate that is located there for their businesses and also educate the public with positive messaging and showcase local talent in the process.


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