Submitted by: Angela Cardona 12:14am Jun 18 2012

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2300 S Gevers/1200 E Highland Blvd (4 corners)

My idea to improve this place

beautify aged strip center in Highland Park,bring popup cafe,internet cafe/little library, re-purpose empty lot into community garden and encourage use of bike lanes linking to Bode Community Center

So that people could... 

enjoy the neighborhood space that is in the center of Highland park. Utilize existing bike lanes to bring awareness to neighborhood kids cyclists. Work with small businesses to paint murals and add small rock gardens to help clear up drainage ditches. Enjoy and underused space that is ideal for pop up cafes

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a city that supports neighborhoods that have historical ties to this city. So close to downtown, this could be an up and coming neighborhood that needs help maintaining the integrity of its houses and small businesses.


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