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Initiate a 'anti-panhandling' campaign throughout the downtown area! Bench mark cities that have taken an active approach to obliterating pan-handling from their downtown areas. 1

2:50pm Jun 29, 2011

Where? Downtown San Antonio

Re-roof the Alamodome totally SOLAR! 0

6:51am Jun 27, 2011

Where? The Alamodome

By Sarah Gonzales Busse

Turn El Mercado into thriving public market for fair trade goods & heirloom foods of "the Americas" bring back the chili queens, but healthy. 1

6:35am Jun 27, 2011

Where? El Mercado / Market Square

By Sarah Gonzales Busse

incent corporate employers to move downtown. Call centers have relocated to San Antonio in campus settings far from downtown. Large number of employees at these centers are active throughout the day 0

9:34am Jun 24, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By tracy manning

There needs to be more downtown living that is affordable for young adults/families. Additionally, an urban grocery store. SA needs to push for adaptive re-use of abandoned building 0

11:27am Jun 22, 2011

Where? All of downtown/inner city San Antonio

By Clayton Elkins

have a statue of Juan Seguin along with a raised brass or copper document showing his determination in fighting for Texas' independance. 1

10:52pm Jun 20, 2011

Where? Main Plaza

By Roger Martinez

place small statues/bust throughout downtown of relevant hispanics that made a difference in developing and organizing Texas' fight for independence. A San Antonio version of Hollywood walk of fame. 0

10:44pm Jun 20, 2011

Where? All of downtown

Transform the creepy area underneath Hwy 281 into a covered linear park and event space. 1

11:24am Jun 20, 2011

Where? Hays Street Bridge at Hwy 281

By Lewis McNeel

Make a true entry point for visitors to downtown San Antonio. The first entry point if exiting IH37 and Commerce (the exit says "Downtown") looks like you are entering an abandoned industrial site 2

10:55am Jun 20, 2011

Where? Downtown Entry: Commerce + 37

By Omar Glz